Music By Danny Flowers

I’m Holding On


Track Listing

  1. The Lord’s Not Through Using Me Yet
  2. I’m Holding On
  3. You Are
  4. Till The Feeling Goes Away
  5. Free Of That Today
  6. Today I Choose To Shine
  7. I’ve Had My Way Long Enough
  8. Be Still My Heart
  9. Jesus, I Can’t Hear Your Voice Today
  10. Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere

Produced by Danny Flowers, Recorded at RCA Studio A, additional recording at Rock House Studios

Kevin McKendree – keyboards
Steven Mackey – bass
Derrick Phillips – drums & percussion
DF – all guitars

The McCrary Sisters – Ann, Deborah, Regina & Freda
Natalie Noone (vocals)
Engineered by Joe Costa

Anthony Scarlatti (& me with my little phone camera)
Tim Duffy

Graphic Design by Brecca Theele
CD Manufacturing by Lisa Sutton Music Services

Special thanks to
Monty Hitchcock, Sharron Corbitt-House, Kevin McKendree, Kelly Collom, Eric Conn at Independent Mastering, and Gena Johnston as assistant engineer.

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Tools For The Soul


Track Listing

  1. ​Tools For The Soul (Featuring Emmylou Harris)
  2. Keep On Livin’
  3. Reason To Try
  4. Born To Believe
  5. At The Open Door
  6. What Would The Father Say
  7. Prayer Song
  8. Ready To Cross Over
  9. UnGodly
  10. World Enough And Time
  11. I Was A Burden

Forbidden Fruits and Vegetables


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