“I go to the lake everyday, I go to the lake to walk and pray. When I’m too old to walk or see, I pray the lake will come to me.”

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“The best you can do, is the best you can do and the best you can do is enough.”

I’ve known Danny Flowers since the early 70’s, and in that time as a songwriter, musician and, above all, as a friend, the man has never ceased to enrich my life. A one-of-a-kind inspiration.

Rodney Crowell

We call Danny Flowers our brother from another mother, because he has carved a place into our hearts. Take a little country, soul, and gospel, and you come pretty close to Danny’s sound. He tells a story with his writing that will give you something to think about. We love Danny’s new cd and we know you will too.

The McCrary Sisters

Danny Flowers’ distinctive voice blends truth,humor, with amazing chops to serve up some of the finest songs you can hear in Nashville. I have loved Danny for years and believe his humility gets in the way of him being about to tout how wonderfully modest he is. He sings the talk on stages and then walks those same truths into the woods and to places that need to hear how good love is.

Becca Stevens

This record is like a rock-n-roll sermon…delivering nuggets of truth and wisdom in between delicious guitar licks.

Raul Malo

Danny Flowers is a self-admitted former burden who’s life & music has become a ministry and is a friend who cares to know when you’ve arrived home safe & is writing songs to help you get there. He is also very funny.

Gordon Kennedy

Danny Flowers hands his audience his heart & soul & leaves nothing on stage.

Jill Block

“Everything is perfect whether you like it or not.”